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Glowrey Catholic Primary School is a part of the St Peter’s Parish in Epping. Glowrey was established to meet the enormous growth in Wollert which is one of Melbourne’s fastest growing suburbs. The school opened in 2019 with an enrolment of around 90 students and has experienced rapid growth with nearly four hundred students now enrolled. We have an outstanding staff who bring a very diverse range of expriences and expertise. The staff are an exceptionally dedicated and professional and work very hard to achieve the very best for the students in our care.

Glowrey has a very strong focus on achieving high standards and academic excellence in all that we
do. It is critical that all children experience success and therefore programs are specifically targeted to meet individual needs. Children are regularly tested and their academic progress is closely monitored. Glowrey offers a range of very significant literacy and numeracy intervention programs for children who require additional assistance. Children that require extension are equally catered for. We have an amazing team of Learning Support Officers who work across the school to assist children in classrooms and support the teacher in catering for all students.

Glowrey opened in 2019

Student wellbeing is a huge priority at our school. We strive to ensure that each child is happy and engaged and is provided with support when required. We have an exceptional team of staff that support students including a Learning Diversity Leader, School Counsellor and Psychologist.

We have specialist teachers who provide weekly lessons including Physical Education, Visual Arts and Japanese.

A Parish School Advisory Council and a Parents Association have been formed. We very much work in partnership with our parents and are very proud of our school community.

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