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Over the next four years, Glowrey Parish Primary School has a strategic direction that is multifaceted, holistic and focused on continual improvement.

We are committed to providing an education of lifelong learning that differentiates, challenges, engages and adds value, allowing students to reach their full potential.

In creating this culture of learning, we aim to bring the richness of the Catholic tradition into dialogue with contemporary culture.

These next horizons will be achieved through a process of school wide, evidence informed professional inquiry in partnership with our faith community.

Priority 1
To establish a strong Catholic identity within our local and parish community

Priority 2
Establish a strong sense of student identity, growth and resilience where positive relationships exist

Priority 3
To develop a learning environment that engages and challenges all learners and caters for individual needs

Priority 4
To develop a school culture where leadership capacity is encouraged, developed and supported.

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